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The Quiet Man Movie Part 3

The Quiet Man Movie

When he was very much younger, John Williams saw The Quiet Man, in 1952 shortly after its release, and it quickly became one of his favourite movies. At the time he was working with various orchestras in California and had no interest in film music, being chiefly concerned with playing the piano. He is on record as stating that the score for The Quiet Man, arranged by Vic Young, and the romantic Isle of Innisfree, by Richard Farrelly, were a major inspiration for his own hugely successful career. John Williams has been high in his praise for the music of The Quiet Man, and, of course, the revelation that this music helped to launch his career is a tremendous accolade for John Ford, Vic Young and Richard Farrelly.

As Des MacHale states in his book: 'Ford knew a thing or two about choosing music for a film as he showed in How Green Was My Valley (1941) when he picked the most exquisite Welsh tunes.'

The Quiet Man would not have been half the film it is without the music of The Isle of Innisfree and we can only kneel in wonder at this result of the collaboration of three geniuses each in his own field - Victor Young, John Ford and Richard Farrelly!

Of course, Des MacHale's book is not just about the wonderful music which graced The Quiet Man. There are fascinating insights into many aspects of the making of the film.

The chapter headings give a flavour of the many delights in store: The True Origins of The Quiet Man, The Quiet Man Train and the Playfair Car, Pictures of Maureen O'Hara and her Family, Richard Farrelly and The Isle of Innisfree, Ernie O'Malley and The Quiet Man Republican Connection, Pictures of the McLaglen Family, O'Maille's and The Quiet Man Costumes, Pictures of the Locations Past and Present, Trouble in the Glen (1954), Pictures taken when The Action Begins, A Quiet Man Miscellany, Pictures of Barry Fitzgerald and Arthur Shields - Quiet Brothers, Quiet Man Bit Players Identification, Pictures of the Making of The Quiet Man, Eye-Witness Accounts, And So Farewell, What John Ford Thought of The Quiet Man, Poem - The Quiet Man of Inisfree, What Happened Next? A Sequel to The Quiet Man, and pictures of scenes from the film.

What did the great John Ford think of The Quiet Man? He tried to pass it off as just another job of work, but deep down he was as proud as punch about it. Occasionally he let his real feelings slip, and on one of those occasions, here is what he said:

'The Quiet Man was one of the best, especially because of the Irish climate. I made it in my home, in my country. All the extras were friends of the family. We shot it among friends. That's how I like to work. I hate affectation. You do your job, that's all. Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's less good, sometimes it's a failure. It happens to everyone!

The stories and many informal pictures which Des MacHale has managed to gather together provide a wonderful opportunity to take a fresh look at one of the most unforgettable of films.

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