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Ireland And Her Trees

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Ireland And Her Trees

Native, Naturalised & Not Naturalised Trees

Ireland’s Native Trees


Taxus baccata

Bay willow

Salix pcntamira

Crack willow

Salix fragilis


Popullls lremula

Silver birch

Betula pendula

Downy birch

Betula pubescens


Alnus gllltinosa


Coryllls avellana

Sessile oak

Qllerclls pctraea

Pedunculate Oak

Quercus robur

Wych elm

Ulmlls glabra

Crab apple

Malus sylveslris

Mountain ash

Sorbus aucuparia


Sorbus aria

Jrish whitebeam

Sorbus hi be mica

Rock whitebeam

Sorbus ropicola

Whitebeam, other

Sorbus anglica

Tobacco crab

Sorbus devoniensis


Crataegus monogyna

Wild cherry

Pronus avium

Bird cherry

Pronlls padllS


FraxinllS excelsior

Trees Naturalised In Ireland

Scots pine

Pinus sylvestris

White willow

Salix alba

White poplar

Populus alba


Carpinus betulus


Fagus sylvalica

Sweet chestnut

Ca.rlanea saliva

Turkey oak

Quemls cerris.

English elm

UImllS pracera.

Small-leaved elm

Ulmus millor.

Swedish whitebeam

Sorbus intennedia

Wild pear

Pynls pyraster

Domestic apple

Malus domesticus

 Midland hawthorn

Crataegus laevigata


Prunus domestica instita

Sour (morello) cherry

Prunus cerasus


Laburnum anagryoides

Field maple

Acer campestre



Norway maple

Acer platanoides

Horse chestnut

Aesculus hippocastanea

Grey alder

Alnus lncana

Trees Widely Planted And Conspicuous In Rural Ireland, Though Not Naturalised

Monkey puzzle

Auracaria araucana

Lawson's Cypress

Chamaectparis lawsoniana

Leyland cypress X

Cupressocyparis leylalldii

Monterey cypress

Cupressus macrocarpa

Nootka cypress

Cupressus nootkalensis

Western red cedar

Thuya plicala

Coast redwood

Sequoia sempervirens


Sequoiadendron giganteum

Common silver fir

Abies alba

Grand fir

Abies grandis

Noble fir

Abies procera

Douglas fir ,

Pseudotsuga menziesii

Cedar of Lebannon

Cedros libani

Atlas cedar

Cedrus atlantica


Cedrus deodara

European larch

Larix decidua

Hybrid larch.

Larix X euralepis

Japanese larch

Larix kaempferi

Norway spruce

Picea abies

Serbian spruce

Picea omorica

Sitka spruce

Picea sitchemis

Western hemlock

Tsuga heterophy/la

Lodgepole pine

Pinus contorta latifolia

Shore pine

Pinus contorta contorta

Austrian pine

Pinus nigra nigra

Corsican pine

Pinus nigra marilima

Monterey pine

Pinus radiata

Golden twig willow

Salix alba chermesina

Lombardy Poplar

Populus nigra italica

TT32 & TT37 poplar

Populrls trichocarpa X tacamahaca.

Black Italian poplar

Populus deltoides X nigra (serotina)

Robusta poplar

Populus deltoidesX nigra


Juglans regia

Evergreen oak

Quercus iIex

 London plane

Platanus X hispanica Myrobalan plum Prunus cerasifera

Italian alder

Alnus cor.gata

Red alder

Alnus robra

Common lime

Tilia X europea .

Caucasian lime

Tilia X eucltlora

Silver lime

Tilia tomentosa

Silver pendant lime

Tilia petiolaris

Broadleaf Iime

Tilia platyphyllos

Small-leaf lime

Tilia coniata

Blue gum

Ellcalyplus giobulus

Cider gum

Eucalyptus guntii

Cabbage palm

Coniyline austtralis

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